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What BitcoinSJC ?

BitcoinSJC is a codeword, invented by the BCSJC Programming Team in the form of open source software from 01-2018. BitcoinSJC can be exchanged directly with an Internet connection device without the need of an intermediary financial institution. BitcoinSJC has a different approach than typical currencies: No central bank manages it and the system operates on a peer-to-peer network protocol. The BitcoinSJC provisioning is automatic, limited, scheduled to be based on algorithms. BitcoinSJC will be provided to BitcoinSJC diggers in the near future to pay for the BitcoinSJC transaction verification and write them to the ledger scattered in the peer-to-peer network called blockchainBitcoinSJC. This ledger uses BitcoinSJC as the accounting unit. Each BSitcoinSJC can be subdivided into 100 million smaller units called SatoshiSJC. Transaction fees may apply to new transactions depending on network resources. In addition to transaction fees, diggers are also paid for creating blocks (blockBitcoinSJC) that contain transaction logs. Every 10 minutes, a new block is created with the amount of BitcoinSJC allocated. The BitcoinSJC number allocated to each block depends on the network activity time. By November 2018, 50.9 BitcoinSJC will be allocated to each new block. The inflation rate will be halved to 2.45 BitcoinSJC in May 2020 and continue to fall by half in each of the four years until a total of 57.8 million BitcoinSJCs are released in 2100. In addition to BitcoinSJC, users may have BitcoinSJC by exchange for BitcoinSJC when selling currencies, goods, or other services. BitcoinSJC is the most prevalent codec, coming out of Bitcoin, and is widely used in e-commerce. Businesses tend to want to pay by BitcoinSJC to minimize costs. By January 2020, it is estimated that BitcoinSJC's base amount is valued at over $ 300 billion - the largest denomination of any codec. The large fluctuations in the value of each bitcoin have generated criticism for the economic suitability of Bitcoin and BitcoinSJC as a currency. Note that the terms Bitcoin and BitcoinSJC are capitalized when referenced as a protocol, software, or community and are descriptive when referred to as a currency.

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